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Hanging Signs

Hanging Signs

Trade Show Hanging Overhead Signs and Banners are an extremely effective way to get noticed and drive traffic to your trade show booth. Our hanging signs frames include circles, squares, tapered circle, pinwheel hanging signs, football hanging signs and triangle hanging banners carry a lifetime warranty and are produced with heavy duty aluminum tubing. Trade Show dye sublimation overhead signs and banners are a great way to draw attention to your trade show exhibit from accross the exhibit hall. The stunning dye-sub fabric printed "pillowcase" graphics are designed to be easily pulled onto the framework and zipped secure and the fabric covers both sides of the frame so you will not be able to see the aluminum tubing.. Your artwork is printed at high resolution on a polyester fabric for a brilliant display. The tension fabric hanging sign is a double sided fabric enclosure. The fabric graphic surrounds the frame, which holds it tight. The tension fabric frame is the most sophisticated of all the hanging signs we sell – it eliminates the spaces and the corners of the sign and has a “continuous” look. Hanging Signs for Trade Shows are suspended from a ceiling (or support girder, etc) by a harness and cabling which is included. Some of these signs have options like bottom panels, so you can print your company’s logo on the bottom. 

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