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Island Exhibits Designs

Island Exhibits Designs

SEG Island Exhibits are distinguished for its tool-less setup, hardy construction, sleek and customizable look to provide an exhibitor with plenty of ways to highlight the area. At the heart of each island display is a taut, full-color curved fabric graphics with its lightweight, anodized aluminum frame, where your message takes center stage. Blending aristocratic elements with practical components, providing the look of a high-end, custom system while offering the flexibility now and the ability to accommodate future growth.You want a bigger presence and more interaction space than inline exhibits can provide. You need to look good and make an impact while working within your exhibit marketing budget. Our Customize Modular Portable Displays offer you big graphics and a professional look at tradeshows. Lightweight, simple to install, and pack small for easy transport. Browse through the packages below to find the system that's right for you.

Our Custom SEG Island Packages are inclusive of Free Graphics and Shipping.

For Additional Information: Please Call: 1-888-267-0881 or Contact Us